The Overhand Crack with a Bullwhip


For me this was the hardest Bullwhip crack to learn. Basically it's the same motion as throwing a baseball. The reason I had such a hard time with it is because I had trouble forming the all important loop. Like most beginners I tried to rush this one and I kept wondering why I couldn't do it. Then one day I was casually tossing my bullwhip around trying to form the perfect loop I just tossed it like I would a baseball and viola, it cracked! I later learned two important things about this whip crack that dramatically improved my ability to do it correctly. The first was that I had to have my whip laid out in front of me before I started. This gave me a sense of timing that I was missing when I tried to do it with the whip laid out behind me at the start. The second was that the in doing this crack the whip forms a much tighter loop and travels much further out than say a more circular crack like the front crack. So I started to narrow the focus of my aim. This seemed to help me unconsciously form a much tighter loop. While this crack is not the best for target cutting it does allow for pin point accuracy.

After you can do this crack well you will find it very easy to learn the sidearm whip crack.

You will need to have the Quicktime plugin installed on your web browser. If you don't have it installed you can get a free copy here.www.apple.com/quicktime If you have a Mac this will not be an issue but if you are using windows it probably will.


© 2006 Victor Tella

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