Instructions on Whip Cracking

In this section I will endeavor to teach you some of the more basic cracks you can do with your whip. You can do all of these cracks with any flexible whip. They are not restricted to a bullwhip. If you haven't read the whip safety page yet I suggest you do that now. It will come in handy when you are just starting out.

Now I am not the best whip cracker out there. There are others that are so good it boggles the mind . I am still learning I probably will never stop learning. Cus I don't get much time to practice. I am too busy making the darn things to have much practice time. But I can teach you the basics which will keep you busy for a while. But before you go any further have alook at this article on whip cracking by Paul Keith. He's got some sound advise.

The first thing you want to do is learn how to make the loop with the thong of the whip. Just like you see in the picture on the left. This is "THE" most important thing when you are first learning. Don't worry about making it crack. Just learn how to make the loop happen. You want this loop to travel smoothly down the entire length of the whip and if you do it correctly chances are it will crack all by it's self. A lot of beginners tend to put way too much muscle into trying to crack the whip. This is not necessary. Concentrate on forming the loop with just enough muscle to make it happen and let the whip do the work.

It won't take long before you hear that sound you crave so much. Also when you are learning to form the loop make very sure that you get it to travel on the outside of your arm. This is very important otherwise you will be constantly hitting your self with the whip. With cracks like the overhead crack you really want to pay attention to this other wise you will end up hitting your self in the face.

I personally have found it better to practice in a number of short sessions rather than one long session. It seems to help me learn faster. Also you will notice that your muscle and joints will get tired very quickly when you are first learning. So shorter sessions seem to keep this from happening as much. The other thing that is really helpful is to practice the different cracks with both hands. I know this is a pain and most people won't follow this advice. But it really helps. Especially when you get stuck trying to learn a new crack and your right arm is getting too tired to continue. Switch hands go through the motions of learning the crack with the left hand. Sometimes you will find that you can pick it up faster with the left hand. Then when you go back to the right hand you will definitely find that you can suddenly do the crack. Even if you couldn't get it to work with the left hand. Don't ask me why this but it's true. You'll see when you try it. Learning with both hands also gives you a much needed head start when you begin learning to crack two whips at the same time.

Below you will find a list of cracks each one has a video and a short description. They will no doubt help you get started.

You will however need to have the Quicktime plugin installed on your web browser. If you don't have it installed you can get a free copy here.www.apple.com/quicktime If tou have a Mac this will not be an issue but if you are using windows it probably will.

The Forward Crack

(Learn this one first)

The Overhead Crack

The Overhand Crack

The Sidearm Crack

The Reverse Crack

Figure Eights

Coachmen's Crack


A Fancy Body Wrap



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