The Coachmen's Whip Crack


This whip crack is one that is easier to do with a bullwhip or a stock whip as the handle makes it easy to leverage the force of the whip. Basically you are trying to get the whip to crack right next to your ear. You'll know when you've got it right when your ear starts ringing. Start off with the whip laid out behind you. Then forcefully swing the whip up on a vertical plane. You want to use a lot of force because you are trying to get the whip to coil very tightly at the top of the stroke. You can hear in the video the whip blazing through the air because if the energy in it. Unlike the forward crack you don't want to keep your arm straight as you go up. You want to let it bend at the elbow at the top of the stroke letting your hand follow the whip down behind you. Then you want to wait. At first the wait will seem like an eternity. This is where most beginners tend to lose it, they don't wait long enough. You want to wait until the fall of the whip is pointing straight up in the air. The reason for this is because you are trying to build lots of energy on the whip then when you see the fall of the whip point towards the sky straighten you arm up in the air with your hand pointing towards the sky. This video does not show that part completely mostly because this crack came very easy to me and I have gotten lazy about it. I don't have to exaggerate my motions anymore to make the crack happen next to my ear. But believe me when I was done filming this my ear was ringing like mad. When you are learning I suggest you exaggerate your motions until you get the hang of it. This is one of the few cracks that can be done behind the back.

Now lets learn how to do volley whip cracks.

You will need to have the Quicktime plugin installed on your web browser. If you don't have it installed you can get a free copy here.www.apple.com/quicktime If you have a Mac this will not be an issue but if you are using windows it probably will


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