The Forward Crack with a Bullwhip.

The first thing you need to know is that all bullwhip cracks or any other whip cracks for that matter, happen on a straight plane either horizontal or vertical. This particular crack happens on a vertical plane. As with most whip cracks the forward crack is known by other names this one is also called the circus crack. What ever name you use this bullwhip crack is the most important crack because all of the other bullwhip cracks are based in one way or another on of this one. When I was learning how to do this crack with a bullwhip Robert Dante gave me some very helpful advice. He said to imagine I was doing Tai Chi. It seemed strange at the time but it really holds true.To do this crack you use the same motion as the motion used in the beginning of a Tai Chi form. You move your arm straight up to the 12 o'clock position keeping the elbow locked when you get to that position you just let your arm relax straight down to your side. It is important that you let the fall of the whip flow straight out behind you before you let your arm relax. This will form the all important loop. Most beginners don't bring their arm up high enough with their elbow locked or they try to rush the crack and not let the fall lay out far enough behind them before they relax the arm. Just remember to take your time and let the whip do the work.

Once you learn this crack and can do it well you can try the overhead whip crack with your bullwhip.


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© 2006 Victor Tella

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