The Sidearm Whip Crack


As you will have noticed from watching the video this crack is just the opposite of the overhand crack. Where the overhand crack was throwing a baseball in the normal fashion the sidearm crack is like throwing a baseball sidearm. I know it's hard to believe but it 's true. ;-) when you are learning this crack remember that you still have to focus on forming the loop. But in this case you are forming the loop virtually upside down. To start this crack begin with the whip laid out behind you with your palm facing forward. Use a very loose grip and let the handle of the whip flex backward in your hand as you move it forward. Then as your hand passes your body tighten your grip on the handle. Now that I think about it this crack is just like skipping stones across a lake. Not sure if that helps you at all but give it a try. This whip crack is very good for doing wraps around a vertical target like someone's body. Oh and by the way, the forward crack is not a part of the sidearm crack. The forward crack is just a natural follow through after the sidearm crack.

Give it a try and when your ready move on to the reverse whip crack.

You will need to have the Quicktime plugin installed on your web browser. If you don't have it installed you can get a free copy here.www.apple.com/quicktime If you have a Mac this will not be an issue but if you are using windows it probably will.


© 2006 Victor Tella

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