How to put a removable cracker on your signal whip.

There has been a lot of concern within the SM community lately about blood born diseases like Hep. C and HIV. Concerns have been raised as to whether or not they can be transmitted by a whip. Consequently a lot of people prefer a whip with a removable cracker. They choose a snake whip because they can change the cracker them selves however they soon find that the added length of the fall makes it difficult to use even a four foot snake whip in doors. So they opt for a three foot snake whip. Then they find out that 3 ft. whip is not as controllable and won't react the way a longer whip would because it won't roll out smoothly. So lately a lot of whip maker have been modifying signal whips by back braiding a loop into the cracker or they do other strange modifications to a signal whip to make the cracker removable by the owner. People seem to like the idea because they still have a four foot whip without the added length of the fall. Plus they can change the cracker. I say Why re-invent the wheel, or in this case the whip? With a very minor modification you can give your signal whip a removable cracker without adding a goofy loop to it. You will find that it cracks better and is far more accurate than a signal whip with a loop. The instruction on how to do this easy modification are right here on this page. .... Enjoy!

Instructions on how to convert a signal whip cracker into a fall with a removable cracker.

Ok here is a signal whip cracker. not to easy to change because it is braided in.


So the first thing to do is cut off the fluffy part just at the knot.


Now take a lighter, candle, match or any other flame or very hot device and melt the end of the nylon cracker to form a small ball.


Now all that is left to do is tie on a cracker of your choice just like you would tie one on the fall of a bullwhip, snake whip or stock whip. If you don't know how to do that the instructions are in this article.
How to tie a popper on a the fall of a bullwhip, snake whip or stock whip.



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