Glossary of whip terms.

Belly - Is the insides of the whip. This is the most important part of the whip. It is what gives the whip it's density. If this part of the whip is not made correctly the whip will not be good. A whip is only as good as it's belly. No matter what it looks like on the outside.

Double Plaited Belly - A "Double Plaited Belly" starts with a rolled or plaited core. Then plaited layer #1 and a "bolster" is added. Over top of that another plaited layer with a higher number of laces and another bolster. This whip within a whip design forms the "double plaited belly" of the bullwhip.

Bolster - A "bolster" is a precisely fitted and tapered strip of leather that wraps around the belly of a whip.

Overlay - The "overlay" or outer layer of laces that is plaited over the belly. It's he layer you see.

Fall - This is the removable piece of un-braided leather that is attached to the end of the fall on bullwhips, snake whips, and stock whips. It is where the cracker/popper is tied on.

Handle - On a bullwhip or stock whip this is the solid part of the whip you hold on to. On a snake whip or signal whip it is still the place you hold on to but it is flexible and usually is plaited with a single diamond plait.

Popper/Cracker - The part of the whip that makes the sound on the whip. On bullwhips, stock whips and snake whips it is attached to the fall and can be easily replaced. On a signal whip it is braided in and has to be replaced by a whip maker.

Wrist Loop - A braided loop usually attached to the heel knot typically on signal whips and snake whips.

Heel Knot - The knot at the end of the handle.

Junction Knot - The knot that separates the thong and the handle on a bullwhip.

Keeper - The loop of leather on a stock whip that the thong is attached to. This is also on the same as the keeper on the stock whip thong.

Fall Keeper Knot - The knot that holds the fall onto the thong of the whip usually it consists of several overhand knots however some whip makers use avery intricate knot called snake head knot.

Wrap - This is when the fall of the whip and in some cases the thong wraps around an object like a tree or someone's arm or body.

Cutting - Usually having to to do with cutting targets like sheets of newspaper or other targets.

Plait - Pronounced "plat" not "plate". The term whip makers use for braiding. It means the same thing. It is also the term used to describe the number of lace ie; 4 plait, 8 plait, 12 plait, 16 plait etc.

Four Seam Plait - Also called a whip makers braid/plait. It is a braid consisting of four seams as opposed to a herring bone plait which consists of eight seams. It is the most common type of plait used on the thong of the whip.

Red Hide - An Alum tanned hide used for falls. In the US it is called Latigo.

White Hide - Partially tanned rawhide used for falls. Usually those found in Australia.


© 2006 Victor Tella

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