Bullwhip Repair
Hot to make common repairs on your bullwhip, snakewhip or stock whip.

One of the most common questions new whip crackers ask is ... How do I replace that fuzzy thing on the end of my whip? It came off. Is the whip ruined? I think it needs major repair. Have no fear. This is a very common thing with bull whips, snake whips and stock whips and it's very easy to deal with.

In this section of articles we will deal with the subject of how to repair your whip when it becomes worn. You see bullwhips, snakewhips and stock whips have a piece of leather on them at the end of the thong called a fall. This piece of leather is made for one reason and one reason only and that is to protect the braided section of the whip from either ware or from the popper. You see it is much cheaper to replace the whips fall than it is to replace the entire thong of the whip.For that reason it the fall was designed to wear out. And they do, they get dry and old and begin to break apart when you crack the whip hard. They get dirty from being dragged on the ground. Sometimes the popper will rip a chunk off of the fall. If this happens enough times the fall will get to short to be of any further use and it is time to replace it. Which leads me to the most common whip repair and that is replacing the popper/cracker on a bullwhip, snakewhip or stock whip. So in this section there are articles on how to make your own poppers. There is even an article on how to make the coolest hybrid popper you will ever use.Once you learn how to make a popper you are going to want to know how to tie the popper on to the fall of your bullwhip, snakewhip or stock whip. There is even a very useful article on how to give a signalwhip a replaceable popper. So read on and learn some very useful and important information.


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