How to tie a popper on a the fall of a bullwhip, snakewhip or stockwhip.

In the last article we learned how to tie to make a bullwhip popper, Now I will show you just how to tie that popper on the fall of your bullwhip. This is the way I tie poppers on a bullwhip. It's fast and easy, and it won't leave a big bulky knot when you are through. There are many other ways to tie on a popper. I personally have seen at least a dozen. But this way works the best for me. I know it looks as though it won't stay on but believe me even on 10 or 12 foot bullwhips that produce extremely forceful cracks this way of tying on a popper is very secure.

Tie a popper on a bullwhip step 1

Lay the popper across the bullwhip fall as shown.

Tie a popper on a bullwhip step 2

Wrap it around the bullwhip fall just like you see here.

Tie a popper on a bullwhip step 3

Now pull the fluffy end tight.

Tie a popper on a bullwhip step 4

That's it!

© 2006 Victor Tella

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