How to make a hybrid popper for your bullwhip, snakewhip or stockwhip
out of poly twine and nylon thread.

The reason I like to mix poly and nylon is because I didn't like the cracker ... or lack there of ... that I got from poly. But I loved the non tangle aspect. Poppers made from poly twine will not tangle on the fall when you are doing volleys and other types of trick cracks like nylon poppers will. But they have one big draw back and that is, they tend to wear out really fast. They also don't give as loud or as sharp of a crack that a nylon popper does. So I decided to experiment with a hybrid of nylon and poly. Turns out it was a good idea. They are nearly tangle free and they have a sharper crack than poly alone.

1. Get about 18 inches of poly twine and strip out a small # of strands.

2. Now take 4oz Nylon Upholstery Thread and make about 5 or 6 18 inch lengths. I do this by looping it over two nails with the heads cut off spaced about 18 inches apart.

3. Tye both the poly strands and the nylon strands together at both ends using an overhand knot this should give you a mixed bundle of strands a little less than 18 inches long with knots on each end.

4. Separate the strands to that the nylon is on one side and the poly is on the other and then hook the over either a nail or a cup hook so that the knot holding them together is at the top.

5. Now twist the entire bundle together until they are nice and tight. I am not gung ho enough to use an electric drill so I use an old fashioned hand
drill with a cup hook in the chuck for this.

6. Once you have the tension you want grab the twisted bundle in the middle and fold it in half by keeping your forefinger and thumb where the fold is. Once you have the fold in the middle you can let go and the whole thing will twist up into a larger bundle.

7. I am not fancy about the knot I use in the end of my crackers so I just take the entire thing and tye an over hand knot about 3 or 4 inches from the loop.

Now all you have to do is tie it on the bullwhip's fall


© 2006 Victor Tella

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